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Amateur Radio Control Systems


SRS Announces the TeleSense Remote Site Monitoring System

New internet or repeater enabled system monitors the condition of radio and other equipment sites.

Now taking beta site reservations.


SRS Announces the new CommServer Embedded Linux

Board for the Sierra Repeater Control System

Based on the popular BeagleBone CPU board running the Ubuntu Linux distribution.  Applications include voice telemetry, remote access, and integration with TeleSense site monitoring systems.


SRS Announces Telephone Interface for Autopatch Use

Convenient connection for land line communications.

New Development Board

The new DEV-1 board is ideal for learning and prototyping your projects.

New AC Power Switch

Remotely control AC

devices from your

HamStack CPU.

New HamStack C  Library v1.12

We have just posted the latest v1.12 HamStack C Llibrary.  It includes PC keyboard support and more.

New HamStack C App Notes

- CPU Power Management

- Real Time Clock support

New Multi-IO Board

Featured in

CQ Magazine

The new Multi-IO

backpack board provides

a computer keyboard

interface, relay output, LCD jack and a RS232 DB9 jack.  The prototype of this board was used as a CW keyboard / K3 control project that is featured in the June 2012 CQ Magazine.

More info on the Multi-IO board itself.

These repeater controllers have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of large linked amateur and commercial repeater networks.  They support from 1 to 8 full duplex ports including repeaters, links, remote base radios, microwave radios and VOIP/ROIP computer systems.  The modular design allows easy installation, service and upgrades.  Available in 19" rack mount (1-8 ports) and stand alone board stack or "cube" configurations (1-3 ports).               MORE INFORMATION >>

Repeater Control Systems

HamStack Yahoo Group

Join the new HamStack community support site hosted on Yahoogroups

More info


Sierra Radio Systems announces the new

CommServer - Embedded Linux Platform

The Sierra Repeater Controller is the worlds first commercial quality repeater control system featuring a modular and expandable open source linux computing platform.  

The CommServer’s built in apps include voice telemetry, remote access and integration with radio site monitoring and control equipment.  Built on the Ubuntu linux operating system, the CommServer software is provided as open source allowing users to modify and expand it’s functionality.  

The combination of mission-critical repeater control functions running on dedicated real time microcontrollers and high level features implemented on the optional Linux CPU, the SRS Repeater Control system provides the best of both worlds.

High reliability and user programmability.


Radio Site Monitoring

and Control Systems

TeleSense systems are used to monitor remote radio and equipment sites.  Applications include monitoring repeater systems, broadcast equipment, wireless ISP installations, paging equipment and solar power infrastructure.  TeleSense is also used for monitoring high-end remotely controlled amateur radio stations.

TeleSense systems are internet enabled or can be connected to Sierra Radio repeater control systems.

These systems provide constant logging from various sensors, web and mobile user interfaces, secure cloud based data storage and a variety of sensor and control modules.

Used to Monitor...

- RF Power - Temperature -

- Voltage - Current - Switch Closures -


- High Current DC Relay -

- Small Signal Relays - AC Power Pigtail -

Sierra Radio and Pignology have teamed up to deliver a complete

remote station control system.  Pignology’s new PigRemote

provides rig control and audio streaming.  The new SRS Station Controller provides control and monitoring of everything else in the ham shack.  Monitor voltages, current RF power, temperature, etc.  Control AC power, DC power, multiple user available small signal relays, RF relays, and more.

New! Remote Station Controller


Remotely Controlled RF Relay


Mixer & Swticher

Want to learn to design and program with microcontrollers?

Want to add “smarts” to your next ham radio project?

Whether you are new to microcontrollers or an experienced designer / programmer, the HamStack is a great platform for your next project.  Based on the Microchip PIC architecture, the HamStack can be programmed in C or Basic.  Several option boards are available to help quickly assemble your project.  

“Getting Started” tutorial book includes ham radio examples.

HamStack Microcontroller Platform

New! DEV-1 Development Board & Trainer

The new DEV-1 board is the perfect place to start learning about microcontrollers.  The board includes many handy peripherals.  The HamStack CPU board plugs in and you are ready to program in Basic & C

Includes 2x16 backlit LCD, 4 buttons, 4 LEDs, audio amplifier and speaker, relay, potentiometer, rotary encoder, RS232 port, etc.

Step by step training materials  are in the works.

DEV-1 Development Board



512 MB RAM

2 Gb Flash

SD Card




Ubuntu Linux