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HamStack Microcontroller Project Platform


Getting Started Guide

Project Board Manual

GPIO Board Manual


Microcontroller Project Platform

CPU Board                            

Microchip PIC 18F4620                         


DEV-1 board Kit

Development board

CPU Board Kit

18F4620 and all components


CPU Board with

18F46K22 CPU

Prototype board kit

With solderless breadboard

Prototype board Kit

Swordfish Basic Compiler
(full version)

Project Board & Project Pack

General Purpose IO Board

Ethernet Backpack Board

Multi-IO Board

PS/2 Keyboard, LCD, RS232, relay

XBee Data Radio Backpack Board

Multi-Function board with digital compass, clock, temperature.

USB to xBee Data Radio Base Station

8A Relay board kit

2 relays with LED indicators

LCD Display with interface board and cable.  

2x16 & 4x20.

Temperature probe

3000 mAh 3.7v

LiPo Lithium Polymer Battery

Battery boost charger and solar controller for HamStack

Stacking version of battery charger / solar charge controller

1 Watt solar panel

5.5v 170 ma

AC remotely controlled power switch

RS-232 to RS-485 Interface

Combination Packs

Starter Pack

Project Pack


The latest C library has been posted.  Rev 1.12 includes new features including PS2 PC keyboard support.  Check it out!


Free Software Compilers

Swordfish Basic Compiler

Microchip MPLAB IDE

Microchip C18 Compiler

Software Stack

HamStack C Library

Support Page

Kit or





Multi-IO Board

PS2 keyboard, relay, DB9, LCD jack

DEV-1 Development Board

LCD, buttons, tone gen, relay, RS232

PS2 keyboard, buttons, analog in, etc.    

As seen in

June 2012

CQ Magazine

The Starter Pack has everything you need to start learning about the HamStack and start working on your first project.  Includes a CPU board, prototype board, book, programmer, basic compiler, and examples.  The C compiler is a free download.



The Project Pack is a complete prototyping platform.  The perfect add-on to the Starter Pack.  The Project Pack PCB provides digital inputs and outputs, relays, A/D converters with voltage dividers, opto-isolated output, LCD display, 8870 DTMF decoder, low pass filter for tone generation and a 2.5, 3.3, and 5v power supply



Our most popular starter pack.  The Starter Pack #460 has everything you need to start learning about the HamStack and start working on your first project.  Includes the DEV-1 Development Board Kit, CPU chip and in-circuit programmer.

Downloads: C compiler, Basic compiler, Getting Starter Guide, etc…