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HamStack Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes everything you need to start designing and programming with a HamStack.  The pack includes the CPU kit, prototype backpack kit, incircuit programmer, software CD with basic compiler and incircuit programming software, the Getting Started Guide book, solderless breadboard, jumper wires, and more.  This pack includes everything you need to learn about the HamStack platform and start programming with the Swordfish Basic language.

CPU Board Kit
CPU chip 18F4620
RS-232 chip MAX232
IC sockets
Stacking interboard connectors
2.1mm DC power jack and screw terminal block
10 Mhz crystal, caps, resistors
2 LEDs, 2 push buttons
3 pin header connector for RS232 cable
Prototype Board Kit
Prototype PCB
Solderless bread board block
Stacking interboard connectors
3 LEDs
2 push buttons
Optional pulldown resistor pack for LEDs
Additional jumper block connectors for power and ground
USB In-Circuit Programmer
Plugs into the USB jack on your PC
Uses the standard Microchip PicKit2 programming software
Provides +5v DC power to the target CPU board
Includes 6 pin dual male header adapter connector
Software CD
Swordfish Basic Compiler Special Edition
PicKit 2 programming software
Device files
Various software utilities
Links to the free Microchip C18 compiler and MPLAB IDE
Project examples
Getting Started Guide Book
Introduction to the HamStack platform
Complete hardware reference
Step by step assembly guide for the CPU board
Several circuit and source code examples



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