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Project:  N6YP’s Repeater temperature monitoring and control system

The system reads the temperatures of the final amp heat sinks for our three repeaters and turns on a fan if it exceeds a set temperature. Room temperature is also shown. Photos show the temp probes attached but not the fans to the relays. Future plans are to add more temp probes to inside two equipment cabinets and an outdoor temperature reading.

Voltage readings may be added for various DC distribution circuits. Additional readings will be displayed on 'pages' of the display by either timer, push button, or rotary encoder. Plans also include being able to have internet access to the readings, and to send a signal to the repeater controller to trigger a macro announcing if a temperature is exceeded.

Program written in C with a lot of help from John.

The system is installed at the King’s Mountain Repeater site located in the San Mateo peninsula area on the west side of the San Francisco bay.

The temp control system is mounted below the VXR-5000 in the middle of the picture above.

The temp controller uses the HamStack GPIO board, multiple digital temperature sensors and a 4 line LCD display.

The firmware is written using the Microchip C18 compiler.  Temperature sensor and LCD drivers are provided in the HamStack C Library.