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Project:  CW Keyer

This project will be an open source CW keyer designed for the HamStack hardware.  It is written in C using the Microchip C18 compiler.  The video above shows some of the basic software functionality starting to work.  Before getting all the keyer code written, there is a bunch of features that needed to be put in place first.  

The video shows the HamStack CPU board and LCD display connected to a rotary encoder (its not a pot) which is used to set the CW speed.  The demo so far shows the HamStack sending a CW message over and over.  The audio tone is being generated by the PWM in the HamStack.  The CW speed is displayed on the LCD display.  The rotary encoder is used to set the CW speed.  In the video, as you rotate the encoder left and right, the CW speed will decrease and increase in speed and show the speed on the LCD.  While all this is going on, the temperature probe is also running, grabbing the room temp and displaying that also on the display.  

The big deal here is that there are things going on at the same time...

- Sending CW tones

- Reading the rotary encoder up/down

- Reading the temp probe

- Updating the LCD display

- Sending CW through a high voltage opto isolator to key a transmitter

This is some pretty powerful stuff.  The keyer project is being built on top of the HamStack multi-tasking software stack.  Stay tuned as the project comes together.

Click the picture  to play the video Click here to  download the  .mov file in a .zip file