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Station Controller




Sierra Radio DCN

Device Control Network

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DCN      overview doc

Chassis Rear View

From left to right:  temperature probe jack, RF coupler jack, 2x digital inputs, 2x analog voltage inputs, external AC relay control port, 13.8 VDC power in & out, DCN network jack, 12v (7-16VDC) system power input.  The green connectors are plug-in terminal block.  The picture shows the sockets without the screw terminal block plugged in.  These connectors provide the functionality of screw terminals and the convenience of a plug-in connector.

Internal View

Along the top you can see the socket for an Xbee RF data module, speaker, LEDs, slave CPU and LCD jack.  

In the middle from left to right: 8 bit DIP switch for setting device network address and mode, main CPU, logic, DC power relay, current sensor and power supply.

Along the bottom you see the opto-isolators, small signal relays and connectors.

In this view you see the standard orange 10A DC power relay.  To the left of the orange relay is a footprint for a larger 30 relay.  When installed, the PCB traces are rated to handle 20 amps.  With additional wire soldered in place, the relay can handle 30 amps.  


Station Controller Manual