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Digital Compass - Station Automation Accessory

Inside view of the boom mounted digital compass                    Digital compass module

Complete Digital Compass system

Mounted on an antenna boom, the rugged chassis box is cast aluminum and comes with a weather tight rubber gasket to seal out water.

Compass Display Software

Direction is indicated with a pointer on the map.  Heading is also displayed in text.

Magnetic north points along the boom.  The software must be calibrated to take into account the surrounding metal objects and latitude offset.

Compass motherboard

The motherboard in the rugged case not only supports the digital compass module but also provides general purpose IO including 3 SPDT relays, 2 analog voltage inputs and 2 pins directly connected to the CPU.

USB Wireless Base Station

The USB base station communicates with the digital compass on 2.4 Ghz using mesh network technology.  The range of the wireless link is over ¼ mile with no obstructions.  In field tests, the compass transmitter mounted on the boom of the yagi can easily reach the base station located inside the home.  Every station is different so range can not be guaranteed.

The digital compass transmit the beam heading back to the network base station in the shack




  Digital Compass Manual

  Firmware rev

  Station Control Panel PC SW