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RadioRouter - Station Automation Accessory



Station Control Panel

Included with the RadioRouter, the SCP software provides interactive user selection of up to 4 receivers and 4 transmitters.  Additional buttons can be used to control additional HamStack control modules.


The RadioRouter supports popular logging programs that use the Open Two Radio Switching Protocol

Universal Control Head

The UCH is currently in beta test and provides the same user programmable interface as out Virtual Control Program, but in hardware.

High quality pushbuttons and a rotary encoder give a professional feel to your shack control.

Junction Box

Connecting user devices such as microphones, key paddles, speakers, foot switches is easily done with the Junction Box.  Designed to be located near the operator such as under the operating desk or under a shelf, the most common user connections are easily accessible while the RadioRouter can be placed on a shelf or out of the way.

System block diagram showing 4 receivers and 2 transmitters.

Rear Panel  -  Preliminary Picture

Physical connections to radios, control head, computer and power are on the back panel.

Top Row:  A/B foot swtich, Tx1, Tx2, Tx common.

Bottom Row:  Power input, Rx1, Rx2, Rx3, Rx4, Speaker out, Headphones out, RJ45 for RS485 control cable if using a hardware control head, DB9 serial port for computer control.


  RadioRouter Manual

  Firmware rev 1.0.58

  Station Control Panel PC SW

RadioRouter Base configuration

4 Rx Ports - Assembled with chassis box



RadioRouter 2 transmit port option board

Add 2 Tx ports - Kit: requires assembly



RadioRouter Junction Box and Cable Kit.

DB15 cable & breakout box