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The CommBridge provides an RS232, Xbee RF device socket RS485 bridging.  Data that comes in one port will be forwarded to the other ports.  This is a convenient way to connect a PC to a device network or with a pair of units you can create a “wireless wire” that connects one serial connection to another.  The unit also provide power injection to a wired DCN network.    Assembly required   #567 KIT


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Station Automation Store


This pack contains all the items you need to build and deploy a remote digital compass.

Includes:  #422 Rugged outdoor project chassis with motherboard (kit), #402 CPU (kit), #421 Digital compass backpack board with magnetometer, #591 Power injector (kit), #417 USB/RF Base station, 2x #428 2x 2.4Ghz 50 mw data radio modules, Operating software.


Digital Compass System

Fully assembled 4 port Rx RadioRouter.  4 speaker level audio inputs and control software.

Drives an un-amplified communications speaker and headphones.



TR1 - TR Sequencer Board - Assembled

This is a professionally assembled TR sequencer and general purpose controller.



TR Sequencer


RadioRouter 2 Port Tx Swtich Add-on - Model 502 - KIT

Add-on kit for the RadioRouter #501.  This kit adds a 2 port transmitter switching sub system.  Includes PCB and parts.  



DCN Network Extender and Control Box

This system includes a cast aluminum chassis with weather proof seals and a HamStack compatible motherboard.  The motherboard supports 3 SPDT 8A relays, digital inputs, and analog voltage inputs.  Powered through the RS45 jack by external 12 VDC.  The control box includes RS485 communications and has an optional mesh data network RF module or WiFi module.


RadioRouter Junction Box & Cable Kit - Model 505 - KIT

Add-on kit for the RadioRouter #502.  This kit adds a contains the junction box PCB, connectors and plastic chassis box.  The kit also includes a DB15 cable and connectors.




his is a remotely controlled, SPDT (Single Pole / Double Throw) coax relay.  It can be used to remotely switch between two radios, two antennas, an antenna and dummy load, etc.

The device is controlled by serial data over a CAT5 cable and is plug compatible with the Station Controller #570 using the Sierra Radio Device Control Network (DCN).  

Assembly required    #564  KIT


This in-line AC relay can control up to 15A at 120 VAC.  The relay is controlled from a low voltage DC control cable that plug into the #570 Station Controller.



This latching relay replaces the 10A relay that comes with the Station Controller and provides DC power switching to radio equipment up to 20 amps.  

Soldering required.



The new Station Controller monitors and controls equipment in your shack.

The Station Controller comes fully assembled and ready to use.  The standard package includes a 10A DC latching power relay.  An optional 20A latching relay is available.